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Welcome to the Raven Radio Network

A little About Us

We at Raven Radio are passionate about Music, we started in online radio in 2005 working for various stations, we got to the point where we wanted to be our own bosses so we created the first incarnation, Forest Radio in 2006 whilst looking for new suppliers of the Stream and Web Hosting, we got a little frustrated that we couldn’t find an All-In-One solution so we took a plunge feet first and got our very first VPS this was a learning curve.

We currently run 4 Dedicated Servers out of Dallas, TX. 2013 saw a few issues with the stations but coming right back in 2014. We currently have 90 Stations/Streams online and plan more each month. Raven Radio is a completely Free to use site, we do not charge for listening. If you have a suggestion for a good Station please feel free to drop us a line here or on Facebook

You can find us on TuneIn and on Apple Store with our App And coming very soon to Droid